Mana Brigade AB

is a company based in Karlshamn. We aim to make the best and most immersive experience for our users. We intend to push the limits of what is expected of the game medium and what is possible with it.


Hope you enjoy our work! 🙂


BlackForge VR

With a steady hand, you forge your creativity through smithing and finesse. Find comfort in exploring your warm smithy and interact with all of its curious inhabitants.


Blackforge is a blacksmithing “simulator” in VR. In contrast to other blacksmithing games, you are entirely free to create whatever you can think of. No molds that dictate what forms you can use, no physical boundaries can hold you back from creating. This is thanks to the procedural mesh generation system.

Festival Planet

Festival Planet is a virtual and social platform for online festivals and cultural events. This prototype is currently being developed in cooperation with Live Green.

Mana's Team!

Meet Isac

Project planner, Game designer… Etc. whatever the project needs him to be. Versatility is my ground truth, focusing on the game as a whole I tend to the parts that need to be done. 

Meet Fredrik

Programmer, (Game)Mechanical Designer, and the occasional weirdo. Give him a hand and he’ll make you a cybernetic arm. Frantic optimization is his strength and sometimes to a fault, either way, the result is a smug smile of satisfaction.

Meet Erik

Sound Designer, Synth Enthusiast. From serene and calming atmospheres to dark and twisted sound design Erik does what has to be done to create and strengthen the identity of the game world and its inhabitants through sound. 

Meet Elisabet

Concept artist, 3D modeler, and focuses on the general art direction of the game. 

I’m just happy to be here making art!

Meet Benjamin


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