We are the brigade of Mana – An absolutely adorable little corgi! ❤


We are a small VR-focused indie game studio based in Karlshamn, Sweden. We all met during our three years at University and connected based on something we are all passionate about. Games!

Our Philosofy

“Our goal is to design and create immersive and impactful experiences through user-oriented solutions. With this we hope to push the limits of the game medium with its dynamic complexity.”

XR focused

Our team is excited for the future of XR development. The projects we are working on are mostly focused around VR, thus we are highly engaged in the latest developments in the technology.

Design Oriented

With a background in design; we uphold both structured working procedures through project methodology, as well as making measured design decisions by utilizing an iterative workflow.

Technical- and Design Solutions

We have an adaptable approach to problem solving as we experiment with different technical solutions to get a deeper understanding of the design problem and to be able to present the most optimal solution for any given situation. 


Custom Tools and Assets

All our assets are made in-house as we have a broad competence within all fields of production. We also create our own custom-made tools for a streamlined game development process.


This is mana! She is the muse of the studio and the whole company was basically built around her growing up 🥰

The team

Meet Isac

CEO, Programmer, and Technical Artist - I focus on projects as a whole and tend to the parts that needs help to create the best possible experience.
Contact: isac.estemyr@manabrigade.com

Meet Fredrik

Lead Programmer - I am the grease-monkey of the dev team, working all angles of the under the hood necessities. Modularity & plug-n-play functionality are my policies.
Contact: fredrik.karen@manabrigade.com

Meet Erik

Lead Sound Designer - From serene and calming atmospheres to dark and twisted sound design, I do what needs to be done to create and strengthen the identity of the game world and its inhabitants through sound.
Contact: erik.tunhult@manabrigade.com

Meet Elisabet

Art Lead - I am in charge of the artistic direction of our games - everything from concept art to 3D-modeling lies under my care. My artistic style pursues organic and stylized shapes with a love for small details.
Contact: elisabet.sarsenov@manabrigade.com
Portfolio: Kaktii ArtStation

Meet Benjamin

Consulting Sound Designer - From editing nit-picky footstep recordings to designing over-the-top cinematic soundscapes, I create audio to be a core component in every project.
Contact: benjamin.lofberg@manabrigade.com