A Switch in Focus


Time for another little update! Most of the progression and quests have started to find their rightful place, although we’re still tweaking and balancing both difficulty and pacing of the first area of the game. This is something that we are going to revisit again and again, many times, all the way to release. Going forward we are going to slowly switch our focus and push more of the visual aesthetics, random encounters and events. We want this world to feel alive and interesting, filled with a cozy atmosphere.



Here are some things in the pipeline!

Fire Spirit rework: Yes. Our artists are working on a brand new model with animations for the Spirit. We’re also looking into fun and engaging ways for the player to interact with it. Some examples could include: cuddling, playing and feeding. Naturally, it loves firewood! We also want the spirit to have different mood states such as happy, hungry and bored. We want to give it a unique personality.



More weather events: As you might have noticed, if you have played the demo, we have rainfall that spawns from time to time. We want to expand this a bit. For example with different rain intensities, heavy winds, thunderstorms and overcasts.


There will also be a lot, and I mean A LOT of new models. Julia has been grinding hard with getting really nice models into the game to fill out the forge, making it feel more lived in. Everything will also be interactable in one way or another.



You can expect more screenshots and gifs from now on, so stay tuned!



Have a good one!


– Erik at Mana Brigade

May 25 – 2023