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DISCLAIMER: We got a new blogger in town! Our amazing Erik has left the blog post over to me, Julia, (hello :d) since it fits under my role as social media manager and I do kinda like writing stuff like this.  Happy reading!

Hello Smithers!


Summer is officially over! (whaa) After some well deserved vacation, we are back on track with development of BlackForgeVR and back to posting blogs! We are aiming to keep this up every two weeks to keep the info in a somewhat bitesize format.

Stuff has happened since the last post and guess what? 

Yes – we got a new office (again), or more specifically, we expanded our office by devouring the office area next to us! (don’t worry, the previous tenants moved beforehand) 

 Check it out!

The pictures on the right side (top and bottom) is our previous office space acting as a lounge room for snacks, games and breaks. Our new office (bottom left) is behind the yellow curtain you see on the top right pic! It is a bit naked at the moment but we have some plans on decorations so stay tuned for that.

Along with new trinkets, the forge has had a remake. We moved some stuff around with all new stations and tools being implemented! We have also worked with baking the lights to really bring out the coziness of the forge.  

It is starting to look like a place you can call home!

We also got some more trinkets to show off, we talked briefly about them in the last post but here you get some pics of two trinkets in game atm. 

Until next time,



– Julia at Mana Brigade

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