Time to barter!

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As you make stuff in your forge, you might need some extra materials. You will get materials during quests but you can also barter with the Merchant as he visits you! 

How does it work?

Take note that this system is still work in progress so stuff might change along the way. But this is what we got right now: 

Bag of holding

As you work you will eventually be introduced to something we call “the bag of holding”, (creative name right, not obvious of its purpose at all) and it pretty much work as any inventory in most games. Stuff your unwanted stuff in it and walk up to the Merchant as he has opened his shop to you!

You will know of he has opened shop as he climbs into his cart and swings the doors open! We got some WIP animation clip here: 

Valuating scale

Choose want you would like to get from him by pointing at the item and he will place it on a scale, this is where “the bag of holding” comes in. You place it on the corresponding scale bowl and the scale will valuate your item(s) in the bag with the item from the Merchant. 

If the scale is tilted towards the item from the Merchant you need to add stuff on your side of the scale to match its value.

If your items corresponds well with the shifting of the scale, you’re good to go!

As noted earlier, this is still in testing for us so we might iterate on it. But this is at least the general idea for the purpose of the Barter System!

"Working with physics based games are so much fun!" - the day before implementing the valuating scale
with instant regret

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