Black Magic!

Hello Smithers!


We got some cool black magic to show you! Or in more familiar term, Visual effects (VFX for short)

Our Magister of black Magic (or just Isac for short) have created some really cool looking effects for some of our stations in BlackForgeVR.

Planning Station

This station is where you begin your thinking work. Putting the quest given from the travelling Merchant and place it on the convenient square slot. AND NOW, BEHOLD THE MAGICAL SPHERE APPEARING!

As you create the weapon desired in the quest, you place it in the sphere. Delivering finished quests is done by returning them to the province board outside your forge.

We are however going to iterate on this station for the future. Reading text in VR is a struggle, so we are working on adding something that will zoom in on the quest description after it’s placed in the slot. Currently cooking up some delicious concept art atm so we’ll get back later on that!

Ore smelter

We got some sweet VFX for the ore smelter aswell! As you start pouring ore in the container, your companion, the Fire Spirit will start cuddling it to heat it up and you can quickly see the bubbles from the smelted ore. As you pour more ore, the bubbles rises. When you are satisfied with the amount, pour the melted ore and be MESMERIZED by the SATYSFYING flow of metal pouring out into the mould. Pick up your metal and get hammering! 

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– Julia at Mana Brigade