Demo and the Future

Smithers, Hello!

Man, time flies huh? And oh boy, I will bring you exciting news today. Things are heating up (pun intended) and getting real, real fast. First of all, demo. Yes it has taken a bit longer than expected. Those last minute bugs just keep piling on. But we can proudly say that the demo will be up shortly! Keep an eye on our Discord server for access to the new demo. It’s a little rough around the edges but brings in some new features and design choices that we would love to hear some feedback on.



Second, we will have two more people come in and work full time on BlackForge, starting next month. We are so excited to have them onboard!


We can also announce that BlackForge will be available on the Meta Quest store on release, which is huge!


This year will surely be a good one for BlackForge and we would be honored to have all of you with us through this journey.


Thank you and have a good one!

 – Erik at Mana Brigade

January 20 – 2023