Hammering Down Features

Hello Smithers!

As mentioned in the last blog post we now have more hands on deck with actually working on the game. We are pushing towards the new demo, one row of code at a time. The plan is to have a proper gameplay loop with quests that you will be able to interact with, ending in a sandbox mode that will let you freely create and explore the opportunities and limitations as you please.

Because Black Forge is a game that is restricted to a single area we want to make the world around you feel alive and interesting. Some things that have been in the works are a day and night cycle as well as weather changes. The sound of rain tapping on the windows around you just hammers home that cozy feel as you tirelessly work on your creations. We have also built a system that keeps track of what in-game day of the week it is. So we can place world events on specific dates. An example of these could be church bells ringing in the distance or the sound of a busy market in a nearby village.

We are also looking into updating both the visuals and the audio a bit for the demo. The entire adventure and quest system is very prototyped as of now. This is something we are going to work on to make it fit in the world better. We are very excited for this demo and hope that you are as well!


That is it for now. 


– Erik at Mana Brigade

November 24 – 2022