It's 2024!

Happy new year Smithers!


Hope the holidays have been kind to you with plenty of rest, food and of course some Blacksmithing! We just got back last week and are ready to dive head first into this year.

But before we do that, we would like to share some thoughts with your guys of the year that has been. So let’s go back in time.

Review of the year that has been

This was the year when we went full ballistic ultimate power working fulltime with a dream project! 

Here’s a list of some of our achivements:

  • Recruiting a new member in February (hi, yes that would be me) to cover social media and modeling. 
  • We changed office three times! 
  • Celebrated multiple huge milestones!
  • Hired another awesome person (Malin! More of her work is coming soon) to handle character modeling and animation.
  • We grew on our social platforms! Highlights of the year is posted down below
  • The community on the Discord grew exponentially during the year! WE LOVE YOU!


What is a great year without some great highlights? So here are some of the great moments for us of the year! Starting with the top TikTok videos.

“Bros tryna hide hes swedish” was quite a funny comment to us so we just had to make a response to it. Yes the entire team consists of kanelbulle fanatics living in IKEA homes with the morning alarm featuring the national anthem of Abba.

This video blew us away. Nearly sixty thousand views! Goddamn you guys. We are so happy that you enjoy the content we make. 

Thoughts from the team!

We as a team would like to share some of our thoughts and experience that would not have been possible or the same without your support!

"Magister of Black Magic"

We've grown so much, both as a team as a community, and I'm so excited for the future as the project picks up speed and is coming closer to launch!

"coffee drinking, weight lifting, 3D-modeling magician"

Working with BlackForge this past year has been a blast! I am so proud of the progress so far and what we have accomplished!

"Puppet Master"

I'm happy to have joined the team, and am excited to contribute to such a fun game!

"Master of Surround Vibes"

I want to thank the team for this insane year that we’ve had. I am so grateful and proud to be able to hang out with such talented people every day. Here’s to another insane year! skål

"Art MacGyver"

It is so nice to finally see the game entering it's final stages of development after many years of testing and iterating. Blackforge is almost an actual game now! It is also super exciting to have expanded the art team and that the game is starting to look so amazing! 😄

"Tech Priest"

Copious amounts of progress has been made, lessons has been learned and every experience has made us all level-up quite a bit! To the community, we thank you for all the feedback given through all of this! Continue with us on this wonderful journey and experience the fruits of our labour!

Expectations on this year!

As we start this new year, we bring some expectations or stuff we are working to make a reality for the upcoming months!

First thing first:


this is something we all have been wanting to happen and we can say that we are in fact working on releasing a new freshly made demo with a bunch of new stuff to show of! With that said, We can’t give you an exact date but it’s not far away, so keep your eyes open!


As some may already know, this is the year (hopefully) for the full release of BlackForge! We don’t have a set date nor price to share as how right now but know that we are working with full force to make this happen!


Last year really showed us the start of a great community and it has been a blast to hear your thoughts of the content shared so far. The discussions with you have helped us in multiple ways, giving us new perspective on mechanics and showing us if our work matches your expectations of the game. THANK YOU!
We are all looking forward to interact even more with you all this year. 

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Until next time,

May the spirit of ABBA forever be in your favor


– Julia at Mana Brigade