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We at Mana Brigade are working hard to bring the world of BlackForge to you all!

Speaking of, BlackForge is the home for many creatures and people of all kinds. There are some people who stands out and will make an impact on the world.

I am talking about heroes. This blog post will give a short introduction of one of our heroes you will meet early on as you start your smithing adventure, and how you interact with them.

Bevvi - The woodlands hero

“Bevvi is a strange girl with a close connection to all living beings. She keeps to herself. You can spot her roaming the fields and forests. She has a very special energy about her and she can, at times, appear almost feral. Yet she is very friendly, as long as you respect nature.”  

– The Merchant

From Concept to Character

Character Concept made by  Elisabet

In the making of her character, we wanted to create someone who can really portray the feeling of the Woodlands and its residents. 



The people who live in the woodlands are humble folks with a strong sense of comradery. These people look after their neighbors and support each other the best they can. They are not the wealthiest around but their strong will and great spirit makes them a respected and generally peaceful bunch.



Bevvi radiates the feeling of life and her love for nature flows through the air as she passes by.

Heroes also need help

Even the greatest hero can’t face the worlds danger on their own. That’s where you come in Blacksmith! As you hone your skill at the forge. A very special letter might makes it way to you, this is a hero quest! 

Test your skill by helping the heroes on their journeys as you uncover stories of the world and their companionships!

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