Leather wrapping

Hello Smithers!


As a blacksmith creating weapons of all kind of needs, some of them are bound to be in need of some extra grip. Let us introduce Leather wrapping! 

Wrap around and around

As you craft different type of weapons, you will have different type of wrapping at hand as the world of BlackForge expands throughout your progression. Depending on the weapons need for grip you can choose the fitting wrapping. Be aware that some materials for wrapping excel in other areas than grip.

You can also change the width of the wrapping to fit your need. You’re not limited by a set thickness. 

Add and remove wrapping

Did you use the wrong wrapping? or just want to change the placing? 

Don’t worry! You can simply remove the wrapping just by going the opposite direction with your hands. This is also doable after you let go of the wrapping and come back later to redo it.

The wrapping also stays on save (woohooo) this will probably not ever happen to you playing BUT dayum did we have some struggle with this. As we tested this tool, the leather wrap never stayed after we stop playtesting and started playing again. So we got it all working and looking good, only to loose the entire thing when we pressed play again.

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Work that grip strength!


– Julia at Mana Brigade