Library of Monsters and Myths



Hello! This week I am going to showcase some early ideas and progress on what the second floor of the forge is going to be used for. 


In this world there are scholars that have documented the world and its many monsters and animals. These documentations have been summarized into compendiums that will become available to the player throughout the story. They will give valuable information about all the creatures as well as what type of weapon that would be best suited to deal with them. 



Now, to sit and read a bunch of books in VR sounds extremely tedious. To combat this, we want to introduce the “reading podium”. Place a book about something you want more information about on top of the podium and it will open up and show you its contents in a fully 3D environment. We think this is a really cool effect that feels awesome in VR! Please note that these pictures show an incomplete version of the final visuals for testing purposes and everything is subject to change, as per usual. 😉 



We can’t wait for our 3D artists to get their hands on it to make it look and feel even better! 


Here’s a scenaro: Let’s say that you got a quest where an adventurer is going deep into a dangerous forest and they know that there may be aggressive bears roaming around. Now they need something for their protection. What kind of weapon would best suit this quest? Walk upstairs and find the book that deals with bears and place it on the podium. The environment and animations that present themselves shows you that something long and pointy would be best. So a spear, maybe? Get to forging!



Until next time, have a good one!


 – Erik at Mana Brigade

April 13 – 2023