Meeting the travelling Merchant

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Time for another blog post! You may have seen him before trough our socials and if not, (go follow us on our socials of course!) let me introduce The travelling Merchant. One of the characters of BlackForge that you will get to know from the very start of the game. Lets dive into it!

The Merchant

As you step into the forge for the very first time. A familiar and peaceful aura embraces you, the present of the ancestors from you bloodline is all around you.

As you take your first step and look around, a voice calls on you from the fences of the backyard.

Looking out into the backyard filled with flowers, plants and greenery, you see a silhouette. 

With a friendly face and a dark raspy voice the silhouette presents himself as the travelling Merchant. He is happy to see someone in the forge yet again. You get some sense of familiarity as you get closer and you remember him from the stories told by you family when you were younger.

He is a good friend who has visited this very forge for years and is now here to help you on your journey.

The Merchant Cart

The Merchant will travel all over the world of BlackForgeVR. he comes to your forge with his cart dragged along behind him, bringing you quests to accept and tradeable materials for you to barter. As he swings the doors open on his cart, you will see into his home and can get a hint of adventures he has been on. 

Materials and trinkets of all kinds becomes available to you throughout the game so make sure to check in when he visits you! NOTE: Pics of the cart model is Work in Progress.

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