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My name is Erik Tunhult and I have been dabbling with audio for about 15 years, starting out with music production in my early teens, producing and experimenting with different kinds of electronic music as a hobby. I later got more and more into synthesizers, audio manipulation and signal processing. At some point I just went “to hell with it” and decided to start studying audio production for real and acquired my bachelors in media technology, audio production. During these studies I also got a deeper feel for sound design and game audio. Something just clicked. I met some great people who were starting out in the gaming industry and decided to pursue this as a career. Today I work at Mana Brigade as a technical sound designer. We are a fairly new indie game company based in Karlshamn, Sweden who mainly focuses on experiences in the exciting and ever growing world of Virtual Reality.


At Mana Brigade I do almost everything audio related. From recording, editing and designing sound to handling and maintaining middle-software such as FMOD Studio.


I don’t shy away from trying out creative and odd techniques to bring out a desired feel in whatever project I may be working on and I love to incorporate synthesized sounds in my work wherever I am able to.


I have at a few points in my career worked as a teacher. I have taught the basics in Pure Data and physical, interactive audio as a teaching assistant at Blekinge Institute of Technology. I also taught Interactive and Immersive Audio at Changemaker Educations.


My softwares of choice:


FL Studio

Pure Data

FMOD Studio



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