Portfolio Isac


The focus of this portfolio is to showcase some of the projects I’ve worked on. My role consists mostly of project management, but as for production, I am a generalist Technical artist, and programmer. This means that I work with a lot of different problems that occur or need to be done for the project to work.


All the 3D models and animations except “Coffee cat” is made and implemented into the game engine Unity. “Coffee cat” is made and rendered in Blender.


All the following models are made from the corresponding concept art, I have made everything in this portfolio except the concept art, and it’s referred to have been made by someone else.


These models and animations have been made relatively quickly with the purpose to fulfill the wholeness and feeling of the set. 


I estimate that the piece that took the longest time was “Creature + Animation” due to the complex requirements on its topology to allow all of its expressions. This piece took about 30 hours.


The other furnishings took about half a day each (4 – 6 hours), this includes interpretation of the concept, creation of geometry & UVs, research into further material references, creation of material, as well as implementation into the game engine.


The pictures are divided into the corresponding projects they belong to.


3D models

BlackForge is our company’s current work in progress. The game is about creating swords through a 3D modeling approach through procedural means. This at the same time as we use the storytelling and worldbuilding of a game. The game esthetic is warm and cozy, inspired by the studio ghibli movies.

Technical solutions

I’ve also worked on the technical solutions for the deformation of the metal through the marching cubes algorithm. Ray marching faceted clouds and optimization for the deformation through compute shaders.


CO – TAC is a futuristic tactical shooter game with cooperation between a VR player and a player on the PC. The railgun is planned to be the main weapon used by the VR player and could be used as multiple different weapons depending on the situation.


Ngyrkorath is a narrative-focused game that takes inspiration from the Lovecraft genre. The Familiar creature needed to have a very friendly first impression, but like the concept indicates, be able to change its expression when it interacts with the player.

Coffee Cat

Coffee cat is a rendering that was modified to wiggle in the same beat as the music, therefore it’s rendered rather slowly to be able to be sped up in post-production.

Other projects

There’s a lot more that I’ve worked on that can not be showcased as easily as these solutions. More technical solutions I’ve worked on include, Cross-platform development between different VR headsets as well as PC. In combination with an in-house solution for multiplayer. This project is the second project featured on our games list called “Festival Planet”.

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