Showcase: The Merchant

Hello Smithers!

I want to tell you about what we’ve been working on these past weeks. Let me introduce you to “The Merchant”. This mysterious, happy, old giant will have a close connection to you as the player. He’s wandering the lands, searching for adventure and business opportunities. Due to recent looming threats in the world, he is very keen on sharing his knowledge with you. He strongly believes that you will play an important role in bringing back peace and balance to the world.

He will, from time to time, visit the forge, dragging his carriage full of precious materials and mysterious trinkets that he has gathered on his travels. Maybe you have collected enough things that he is willing to make a trade deal? He will also bring new quests, or commissions for you to complete, furthering your reputation as a Blacksmith.


He’s not the only character that is going to visit you throughout the game, but I am going to leave that for another update!

I would also like to announce that we’re thinking about putting together a small group of external testers sometime this spring/early summer. A little community of people that wish to try out the newest features at an early stage. We want to be able to get some fresh eyes, valuable feedback and input on what the community thinks and wants out of the game. If this is something that we will settle on, more information is going to be announced on our Discord server.

I hope that you are as excited to meet The Merchant as we’re at designing him.

Have a great weekend!


 – Erik at Mana Brigade

March 16 – 2023