Summer Time!

Hello Smithers!


Summer is officially here! This means that development is going to slow down a bit and the team will start taking some well deserved vacation. So the next blog post will be moved forward.

As usual we’ve been dealing with bugs and balancing. But we have also started building the weather system that i mentioned in the previous post.

We have also moved into a new office that is much bigger than the last one! No more cramped spaces! Woo!


I would also like to talk about trinkets and weapon decorations. We are planning to have two types of trinkets that you can use in your crafting. Powerful Major Trinkets will unlock through the story. These will be harder to come by and will give your creations an enchantment when attached, improving your chance to succeed in specific missions by a large margin. There will also be Minor Trinkets that you can get as a bonus reward when completing missions. These are much easier to get a hold of and will give you the opportunity to be more creative with your own weapon crafting style. I am sure the adventurers will appreciate the extra flair! What kind of trinkets and attachments would you like to see in the game?


Until next time,

Have a great summer!


– Erik at Mana Brigade

June 8 – 2023