Smithers, Tinkers and Thinkers

Hello Smithers! Recently we have been working on the game’s progression as well as planning and building the introduction of the game. We want to introduce the game’s mechanics without overwhelming the player with information in a static and “game-y” way. The Traveling Merchant will be an important part in this. Having a character in the […]

Library of Monsters and Myths

Library of Monsters and Myths Smithers!   Hello! This week I am going to showcase some early ideas and progress on what the second floor of the forge is going to be used for.    In this world there are scholars that have documented the world and its many monsters and animals. These documentations have […]

Some Screenshots from me to you

Some Screenshots from me to you Hello Smithers! Right now we’re working on quests and lore for the first area of the game: The Woodlands! I’ll tell you more about it in a future blog post. I dont have alot of new things to share as of now but I would like to show some […]

Showcase: The Merchant

Showcase: The Merchant Hello Smithers! I want to tell you about what we’ve been working on these past weeks. Let me introduce you to “The Merchant”. This mysterious, happy, old giant will have a close connection to you as the player. He’s wandering the lands, searching for adventure and business opportunities. Due to recent looming […]

Great team, Great game

Great team, Great game Smithers!It has been a while! Let’s just jump right into what’s going on at Mana Brigade. We are now all hands on deck with the development of Black Forge. There are alot of new things being worked on right now and I will talk a bit about it at the end […]

Demo and the Future

Demo and the Future Smithers, Hello! Man, time flies huh? And oh boy, I will bring you exciting news today. Things are heating up (pun intended) and getting real, real fast. First of all, demo. Yes it has taken a bit longer than expected. Those last minute bugs just keep piling on. But we can […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hello Smithers and a happy new year! First off, we didn’t post an update last time due to a well deserved christmas to new years holiday. It’s been nice to get out of the office for once to see family. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!   We […]

Hammering Down Features

Hammering Down Features Hello Smithers! As mentioned in the last blog post we now have more hands on deck with actually working on the game. We are pushing towards the new demo, one row of code at a time. The plan is to have a proper gameplay loop with quests that you will be able […]

Business & Prototypes

Business & Prototypes Hello fellow smithers!   Welcome to our first blog entry. Every two weeks we will make one of these to update you all on what is happening in our little indie studio. You can expect news regarding the studio as well as our upcoming VR title BlackForge. So let’s get into what […]