Steam Next Fest – Aftermath

Steam Next Fest Aftermath Greetings Smithers! Steam Next Fest took place between the 5’th and 12’th of February. This was our first time participating, and boy, was it a lot of fun to prepare for and participate on.   Livestream and NEW demo! Preparing for this event required threading into unfamiliar territory in form of […]


Heroes! Greetings Smithers!  Hope the new year is treating you well so far!    We at Mana Brigade are working hard to bring the world of BlackForge to you all! Speaking of, BlackForge is the home for many creatures and people of all kinds. There are some people who stands out and will make an […]

Happy new year!

It’s 2024! Happy new year Smithers!   Hope the holidays have been kind to you with plenty of rest, food and of course some Blacksmithing! We just got back last week and are ready to dive head first into this year. But before we do that, we would like to share some thoughts with your […]


Time to barter! Hello Smithers!   As you make stuff in your forge, you might need some extra materials. You will get materials during quests but you can also barter with the Merchant as he visits you!  How does it work? Take note that this system is still work in progress so stuff might change […]


Wood! Hello Smithers!   Wrapping up this november with a last blog post of the month. Let’s do a deep dive and take a closer look at the gameplay when using wood in BlackForgeVR! Got wood? Every weapon would do good with a handle right? We believe so too and to make the workflow of […]

Leather wrapping

Leather wrapping Hello Smithers!   As a blacksmith creating weapons of all kind of needs, some of them are bound to be in need of some extra grip. Let us introduce Leather wrapping!  Wrap around and around As you craft different type of weapons, you will have different type of wrapping at hand as the […]

Meeting the travelling Merchant

Meeting the travelling Merchant Hello Smithers!   Time for another blog post! You may have seen him before trough our socials and if not, (go follow us on our socials of course!) let me introduce The travelling Merchant. One of the characters of BlackForge that you will get to know from the very start of […]

Black Magic!

Black Magic! Hello Smithers!   We got some cool black magic to show you! Or in more familiar term, Visual effects (VFX for short) Our Magister of black Magic (or just Isac for short) have created some really cool looking effects for some of our stations in BlackForgeVR. Planning Station This station is where you […]

Back to blogging!

Back to blogging DISCLAIMER: We got a new blogger in town! Our amazing Erik has left the blog post over to me, Julia, (hello :d) since it fits under my role as social media manager and I do kinda like writing stuff like this.  Happy reading! Hello Smithers!   Summer is officially over! (whaa) After some […]

Summer Time!

Summer Time! Hello Smithers!   Summer is officially here! This means that development is going to slow down a bit and the team will start taking some well deserved vacation. So the next blog post will be moved forward. As usual we’ve been dealing with bugs and balancing. But we have also started building the […]